Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Liebster Award - Jom Kenal - Kenal

       Thanks Cik Oren coz nominate me as one of her The Liebster Award list, i am feeling GREAT!!! Tgk tu Cik Fifie kita ni haaa, subhanaAllah, lupa dah nk greet semorang dah atenye excited bebeno dah ni haaa... sory2.. Assalamualaikum n good morning semorg.. Atenye sihat ke anda2 semua disne? Ini kisah cik fifie kita ni haa dapat award haa.. thank u so much Cik Oren for choosing me. (^_^)y hehe! Hai ya Allah seronoknya.. Alhamdulillah... by the way Cik Oren mind asking u this, ermm.. why u nominated me? bcoz my blog have the potential to grow ke. Hahah! what ever it takes. i'll just enjoy this, dont worry just teasing. i love to get to know u alls too. Bcoz maybe this is a chance for me to keep in touch and get to know each other better right kan kan kan. So this is how The Liebster Award works kan.

       And so since this my first time ever doing such things, i think so, maybe. So just keep reading it until the last full stop. Thank u so much for supporting me and please keep it up!! kih3x

So this is how The Liebster Award works or what am i suppose to do or the steps:

  1. mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
  2. answer the question asked
  3. nominated 11 other bloggers with a smaller following but with a lots of potential
  4. create 11 of your own question for them to answer.
  5. notify your nominate 

and the answer for Cik Oren question is as follow. Hope you like it yow.

1. Your date of birth - it's ok if you don't want to mention the year
i was born on 5th of May [cantik kan tarikh tu.. perasannya iolls]

2. What kind of book do you like to read?
i enjoy reading motivational type of books because it can give me more information and as energy booster when ever needed. indeed.

3. Who is your favorite author?
To be honest, reading books is not really my passionate so lets say currently i have read a book from Prof Dr Muhaya regarding Student Problem n Answer [i kan still a student skung kan] so i think the way of writing is really nice n give me something taught, so, i like it and it will be one of the my favorite author soon. eh by the way DR HM Tuah Iskandar also one of my favorite.  dot.. dot.. dot..

4. What do you like to share in your blog?
Since this blog is a personal type of blog so mostly i love to share about my personal life story mory here, and usually also i just share anything at all. If u have take a look on the about Fifie Feyca so u will know more about my blog.  

5. Your favorite bloggers.
Favorite bloggers currently i love to follow Kak Maria Elena, Fatin Liyana, Namee Roslan, keikoku, Aqilah, eh bnyk lagi la nk state sume kat sni i just love alll.. i love u too... hak3...    

6. Your hobby.
i enjoy play Candy crush when i have spare time and surely i love blogwalking and blogging of course.

7. What's your activity during weekend?
Usually on the weekend i will do my house keeping and settle down my bundles of assignments and sometime i just like to do nothing at all and enjoy watching RUNNING MAN. yes i am kind of house man type of people, i rarely going out n hang out coz i enjoy staying at home.  

8. Your favorite food. 

I love Durian the most. the king fruit... Durian creep, Durian cake.. oh yummeh.. i just love it.. [who with me.. oyeah kita geng.]

9. Do you play any music instruments?

Currently nope, but i have a great interest in playing the piano or the keyboard bcoz just now i just try play virtually on the tab and lappy by just follow the youtube [main ikut sesuka hati ku je xpandai pon] btw if and only if i have a chance once, i really want to learnt how to play it in real life for real for fun.

10. Your favorite artist..

i am just not sure who is my favorite artist but just now i love Ha Dong Hoon or paroro or haha bcoz i just watch Running Man series and i like him. he so funny. he so cute. hahahah!

11. What's your opinion about this blog? 

Cik Oren punya blog it its nice and it just so cool girl just keep it up! 

       okey now done with answering the question and its time to nominate 11 bloggers. i nominate you alls because i am your follower and i like you and i like your blog and i think you and your blog have the potential to grow further. Ini serious okeyh. Ikhlas meh. I really hope that you all feel free to join this. willingly, happily and let just enjoy it. Lets keep in touch and get to know each other better. 

Do answer the Questions as follow.. I or we just want to know you all more. so lets kenal-kenal meh. and jangan lupa link back to this entry. seriously jawab dgn senang hati n let just have fun.
  1. When is your birthday?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. What is your hobby?
  4. What are you doing just now? study? working?
  5. Who is your favorite people in your life? Why u like them?
  6. List 3 things that you hate the most in life?
  7. List 3 things in your wish list? Mind to share
  8. List 3 latest movie you've watch 
  9. List any latest book you've read 
  10. Do you watch Running Man? Who u like the most? why?
  11. What do you like to share in your blog the most?
  12. What do you think about my blog FifieFeyca? what should i do to improve it? any opinion? suggestion?

i Keep Saying this Because it's totally GREAT!! Believe Me... ^_^

Feel free to join this coz you are always welcome to participate such good activity to keep in touch..

Guys yang join, please dont forget letakkan LINK post anda di ruangan komen bawah ni ye...

i am sure ualls will enjoy this as much as i do..

Happy Weekend ^_^ Happy Blogging ^_^ Thank you so much. 

~Selamat Mencuba dan Selamat Beramal Semorang~


  1. done answering all question :D visit

    1. thanks Nadiya for participating.. U're awesome.. Hehe!
      Do keep in touch girl and have a great day ahead.

  2. Hai Cik Fifie. Nad dah jawab semua soalan yang Cik Fifie tag. Thank you so much for tagging. Ni link dia, Have a nice day! =)

    1. Hii cik nad... Most welkem dear.. N ofcoz to u too Thanks a lot sbb sudi gak Join n jawab soklan² kite tu haa... You are so cool... Have a great day ahead.. Good luck for ur exms.. Do ur best n fighting k!

    2. Hii cik nadnad... Most welkem dear.. N ofcoz to u too Thanks a lot sbb sudi gak Join n jawab soklan² kite tu haa... You are so cool and that was awesome... Have a great day ahead.. Good luck for ur exms k.. Do ur best and surely u can get the best... fighting!


    1. thank u wan sbb sudi join and jawab... u are so sporting..!! keep it up!! heheh!!

  4. Cik fifie.. dah jwab liebster award

    1. oyeah.. thank u so much dear.. lup u much much... hik3!!


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