Friday, May 31, 2013

Buang Mase

nak tulis ke tak nak tulis..
nak cerita ke tak nak cerita..
ade mase ke tak de mase..
baik ke tak baik..??

    hahahah.. maaf... Assalamualaikum everyone.. i hope all of us is in the best of health.. hmmm.. life getting better i think in this moment.. there is a lot to do.. a lot to take into consideration..  so many to think n take it serious in action.. and only Allah know better..

  ok.. ok.. actually.. i am not sure about what am i actually going to write this time.. coz it like not so good stealing office hour doing something personal.. (eleh like never did something like this before.. jgn nk bajet hot sgt lah..  jgn nk poyo sgt lah.. baik2x..) xde story best pown no story actually.. nothing interesting to talk about.. just that nak ckp sye dah abis kan baucer buku saya.. beli bnyk buku..

xamik gambo laaa.. for this moment i have done read the wedding night from sophie kinsella.. never a bad story to be read by u laaa i can say.. quite interesting...

    i dont think i can continue writing.. not really the best time to write.. sorry..
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