Friday, May 25, 2018

Homemade Pudding Raja



Homemade Pudding Raja in the house guys.... pemanis mulut untuk berbuka hari ini done... 1st timer jgk ni.. harap sedap.. 😊😊 traditional skit hari ni.. 3 layer pudding with milky n creamy gravy... sedap di mam sejuk sejuk.. so kita letak lam fridge dlu sementara menunggu waktu berbuka... sekian... 
sementara tu share is caring kan..
Pudding Raja Layering....

3rd layer - dried prunes + cashews nuts + red cherry

hias kan 3rd layer suka hati korg fifie suka mcm ni
nmpk cam bunga lam gelas gtu

2nd layer - Jala emas

nak resepi jala emas?
fifie google jek korang
tapi link ni Jala emas versi fifie gtu dia..
klu malas n rasa leceh nk menjala segala beli je jala emas kat kedai

so letak jala emas cm lam gamba ni

1st layer - grilled butter banana

camne nak grilled? gni
sbb biasa resepi puding raja dia goreng pisang nya tapi
fifie grilled dgn butter je sbb lebih senang rasa nya

letak butter skit..  then letak pisang atas pan

grilled sampai dia jadi warni gni

then letak la dlm gelas cemni.. lebih presentable katanya

Gravy - milk + egg yolks

so untuk gravy actually berkira-kira jgk nak letak kuning telur ke x nak letak ke tak
so fifie letak kuning telur mmg bertambah tambah la kolestrol ehh.. lemak creamy tu
lebih prefer x letak kowt..

so caranya senang je.. untk portion fifie.. sbb fifie buat untk 3 org mkn je so
fifie guna 1/2 tin susu + 1/2 tin air + gula secukup rasa + kuning telur
whisk semua bahan tu lepas tu letak atas dapur api slow smpai dia pekat n mendidih
dah siap.. simpan lam peti lu bagi sejuk
sedap mkn sejuk- sejuk..

Easy peasy everyone can try..

but personally knape x panggil puding pisang with jala emas je.. hmmm why is it puding raja
pelik kan.. hahahha.. sebab.. xtau..  saja.. pelik.. rase dia pisang with jala emas n milky n creamy gravy gitu dia..

sebelum tu 

ini bahan bahan puding raja from a to z
n equipment itu untuk menjala wajib ok

done for now..

selamat mencuba 

    "Keep Learning ~~ Keep Smiling ~~ Keep Sharing~~Keep In Touch"

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Resepi Meringues Almonds Kisses Cookies



while waiting for my cookies to be fully cook.. cepat la masak syg oii... ai is nantok da ni... kita tulis sni sikit.

The left over white egg from the Pudding Raja or to be exact from the Jala Emas which only use the yellow eggs... [seriously have to be extra cautions to separate both white n yellow egg coz it effect he later results] so i had come with this Meringues Almonds Kisses Cookies hopefully this is the cookies for raya not for moreh or iftar... hihihi.. so ever since food coloring would never be my best friends so i use natural colours for my kisses cookies... 

Resepi  Meringues Almonds Kisses Cookies y senang mudah dan cepat

white eggs
corn flour
vanilla extract
chocolate chips

basically while making a meringue make sure everything is clean n without any dust or left over water inside any equipment that we will use spatula, bowl, mixer, spoon, glass, weighing,
coz if not it not going to be a meringue instead.. jadi menda lain  

1. pukul white egg smpai ada soft peak
2. masukkan sugar sikit demi sikit smpai semua larut
3. masukkan corn flour 
4. then vinegar + almods
5. masuk dlm piping bag the pipe la ikut cita rase 
6. since i want it to look like kisses so here is mine refer picture below
7. finally chocolate chips if u think u want to make it look like alien cookies 

bake depends on oven mine 140 degree Celsius for 30 minutes..  


my kisses cookies before bake

this is when im done.. it taste good tough..

im done.
selamat mencuba...

    "Keep Learning ~~ Keep Smiling ~~ Keep Sharing~~Keep In Touch"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Betting so i win the battle of life



when writing speaks louder than speaking its self
even everything doesn't falls to where i hope it would be. i wonder just how i should face my life just now. im not sure if what i do is keep complaining or just go with the flow. im not sure if did i do something good enough so i still have some space in this world for a better version of mine.

yeah for the time being.. yeah there is a lot that i leave and there is a lot more that leaves me. im not sure if what i do is complaining or just recalling for something that once i have and now it become what i had lost.. i am just missing some part of me that are being missing.. its gone for real..

in this journey of growing up..
the time that have passed..
along the journey i have lost my self.. again n again.......

i bet a lot of things in my life.. betting so i win the battle of life..
so yeah, life, its never just a distance, its a journey.
its a long way to go while u a re living in this world or the hereafter.. everything counted..
so now im not sure if i am at losing or to the way of winning..
cause i think that im just a loser who re keep losing..

how a 93 years old can even fight for Malaysia when he actually can just be at ease n just wait for his time to go.. im not sure how he can be so strong to fight n help the people who is in need of help.. he is the strong guy that i will dying admiring him..

i have leave blogging for sometimes.. almost 1 year plus.. i keep going n coming back at times..
how i miss my blogging friends n blogging world
its all about writing n sharing
who already with me ever since then..
they know that i loves to share about my self a lot
my experience and all

2018.. its already at its half way i am not sure what had happen to me
but i have had the 1st time ever in my life experiencing someone calling me "cikgu" for the 1st time in my life.. ever.. the one month experience in Port Dickson as Tutor, teaches me how to be someone who they can call cikgu.. n today 16 may its the 1st time they wish me happy teachers day...i dont know how to express my self about this.. but surely happiness came 1st full filling my chest.. i feel touched and sad at the same time... is it the 1st n the last time i can hear someone wish me that n call me with that.. i just dont know how funny u can see me now... it okey still..

its ok i dont live my life to live up your expectation
i dont expect anything so i can be happier
expectation kills

n yeah today is always the day that im waiting for.. u know that buddy.. if u re my blogger friends u know i love this day.. its Ramadhan..... its 1 Ramadhan n its 1st night for terawih... how time fly... as fast as lighting n its Ramadhan again.. may this Ramadhan helps me to become a better version of my self... get back what i have lost.. insyaAllah

Ramadhan mubarak sayang sayang semua..

till we meet again..
i see u when i see u
i have a lot of time to write
i hope i can do writing something can inspire u
good sharing for my best buddy
lets share values..

daaa... take care..

    "Keep Learning ~~ Keep Smiling ~~ Keep Sharing~~Keep In Touch"
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