Monday, February 11, 2019




I am tired
I am tired of facing the same things everyday
I am tired of people who makes me feel so very sick
I am tired of people who never tried to understands a things that had been tried to explain trillions times

I am sick of my self most
I am tired of myself most
I hate myself most

I hate it most when i think i am trying to help but actually i am just making an excuses
I hate iy most when i think i am trying to help but actually i am just making it worst
I hate it most when i think i am trying to make things better or just trying to make it easier for everyone but actually its does noy make it that way...

I wish to disappear
I dont want to take care of anyone anymore
I dont want to care about anyone anymore
I just want to go..
Far away from here
Far away from people who know me
Far away from any problems
Far away from any disturbances
I wish to dissappear just like dust

I hate it when people mad at me when im actually trying to help
I hate it when i know people hate me
I hate it more when i know i cannot be more patience to face everything like a human......

Why i cannot be more patience
Why should i be angry
Yup i might be stress
Everything is so messy these days
Everything is too hard to take these days
N people try to add more salts on the wounds....
Its bleeding... bloody fool.. its bleeding..
Its bleeds too hardly like iam going to die now.....
Why u have to test my credibility........
I am just only human....
I have heart too...
I can be angry too...
But i never mean to hurt anyone..
Never once...
Im just trying to help....
But i cannot tolerate with disrespectful impatience entity...
Im sorry....

What am i actually....
I dont want to be where i have been before...

I am a new person
Stronger n better
Even in no hopes
Even in miserable
Even in impossible

There is a way
This is not so big
We can try to figure it out one by one
Solve it one by one...
So it gets smaller right.......

One by one
Tiny by tiny

Please pray so Allah ease everything for me... everything....

    "Keep Learning ~~ Keep Smiling ~~ Keep Sharing~~Keep In Touch"


  1. Assalamualaikum,.... hai fie, Ya Allah rindunya nk singgah sini... lama x bertegur sapa kn?
    Fie sihat? :)

  2. Maaf sebab lama xbersiaran.. ada sedikit kekangan buat masa skrg ni.. kena fokus hero baru :)

  3. Semoga Allah prmudahkan semuanya buat Fie.. Jangan stress2 tau.. juz follow the flow :D

  4. semoga dipermudahkan oleh allah.. stay strong

  5. Honestly,I'm tired of everything too!! T^T *It's ok! you're not alone :D

  6. No... cannot.. :'( no tired tired... its okie everything is fine.. jangan dengar cakap orang.. janagan terlalu baik okie?


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